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HCH 30th Anniversary Celebration Event

HCH 30th anniversary celebration was held on Nov.9th, 2017 in Anqing Anhui, a city with pleasant scenery. More than 200 customer representatives from multinational companies and strategic partners, leaders from industry association and local government, visited HCH plant and reviewed HCH’s fast development in past 30 years together with more than 400 HCH employees in AnqingHuangmei Opera Art Center.

All representatives group photo

Huangmei Opera Magpigs Bridge

The 1st stop: Visit HCH CNC workshop

All therepresentatives visited HCH new plant located in 3.9k㎡ industrial park, first they visited CNC workshop which covers an area of more than 10,000㎡, there were more than 50 sets of high precision CNC machines working systematically which provide an effective guarantee for the manufacturing and technical R&D of the core components.

Visit CNC Workshop

The 2nd stop: Visit HCH 3rd workshop

Afterwards all therepresentatives came to 3rd workshop, herethey visited module unit fatigue and feasibility test area, and this area is designed not only to verify the fatigue and feasibility of the new R&D parts, but also ensure the technical indicators tomeet the design requirements. This area can also conduct unit tests on new processes and materials, verify new technologies, and reduce the risk of new projects.

Fatigue & Feasibility Test

Moreover, there are two world advanced level machines with packing solutions in 3rd workshop, one is 2000PPM sanitary napkin machine and another is 800PPM baby pull-up machine. The stable production speed for FS-AE-2000 serial sanitary napkin is 2000 pcs/min, and equipped with stacker, packer and box filler which is the independent R&D achievements of HCH. This is the fastest sanitary napkin production line in China and has reached the leading level in the world, it integrates with intelligentize and informatization element, controls equipment operation processaccurately, records all the production data, and the operator will know the machine running statusthrough these data analysis, and make predictions and timely correction to ensure that equipment runningwith high speed and high efficiency.

And another one is FS-BT-800 serial baby pull-up machine which adopts ultrasonic welding system with stable production speed 800 pcs/min. Now, only a few countries in the world can use ultrasonic welding technology on high-speed machines.

And the spot light of this machine is not only using ultrasonic system to weld the side panel area, but also realizes the fast change-over without changing the welding module, this technology is unique and reached the top levelin the word, which isfull intellectual property rights owned by HCH.

FS-AE-2000 sanitary napkin machine with packing solution

FS-BT-800 baby pull-up machine with packing solution spot demonstration

The running speed and intelligent degree of these two machines is very high, and they are the equipment with standardization, modularization and informatization, whichfully embody thebreakthrough ofinnovative technology and R&D capabilities in the production chain of HCH, and also make a solid step to win market competitiveness for made in China in the global market.The representatives are left in the workshop and reluctant to leave.

The 3rd stop: Visit exhibition hall in office building

All therepresentatives visited exhibition hall in 3rd floor of office building. Here is the placeshows HCH development progress in past 30 years, the honor and certificationsobtained, the valuable image data gathered, and the videos to celebrate HCH 30th anniversarysent by suppliers from all over the world.

Representatives visit exhibition hall in office building

The 4th stop: Technical seminar

After the buffet lunch, the representatives of customers and suppliers attended the technical seminar with great interest; they had a hot discussion about product, equipment and technology together with HCH engineers.

 Technical Seminar

The 5th stop: AnqingHuangmei Opera Art Center

In the afternoon of November 9th, the performance of Huangmei Opera 《Magpies Bridge》in AnqingHuangmei Opera Art Center officially kicked offHCH 30th anniversary celebration with the theme of “gratitude, growth, leap”. HCH general manager Mr. Luke made a welcome speech, on behalf of the board of directors, he expressed the warmest welcome and heartfelt thanks to the customers and partners who have supported and trusted HCH , to all the friends who have cared about and supported HCH’s development, to all theHCH employees of home and abroad. Looking back, HCH people worked with diligent and independent innovation spirit, now HCH grows to a top-ranking professional manufacturer of complete production lines for disposable hygiene products. Looking forward, Mr. Luke said with passion:We firmly believe that as long as we adhere our mission as "world advanced level created from China" , insist on sprite of  "technology advanced, quality first, integrity-based" philosophy, we will be closer and closer to theinternational cutting-edge technology, also will certainly implement our world-class brand glorious dream!

 HCH general manager Mr. Luke gave the speech

The director of CNHPIA PhD Mr. Cao Zhenlei gave a speech; he expressed the sincere admiration for HCH’s 30 year’s leaping development and leading position in the hygiene equipment manufacturing industry. He said:HCH is one of the earliest established manufacturers of complete production lines for disposable hygiene products in China. Along with the hygiene industry development in China, HCH has grown into top-ranking company in China in terms of capacity scale, technological level and innovation ability. HCH can provide the complete solution to customer, which covers from design, fabrication, assembly and debugging to technical training and machine maintenance for lifetime, and exportation rate reach to 70%. HCH’s machine represents the most advanced level of present hygiene production line. HCH has made outstanding contributions to the intelligent manufacturing and Industry 4.0. In recent years, HCH has been increasing the investment for technological innovation and product R & D, completed the alternation of new and old succession and leaders of the management team, set up the young team for equipment manufacturing and global technical services, through years of cooperation with multinational companies and well-known global suppliers, company management level and equipment quality has been greatly improved. The excellent equipment quality and cost-effective advantages not only win the domestic high-end customers, but also increased thecredibility for made in China in the global market. In the future, we hope HCH never forget the beginning heart. When facing the opportunities and challenges in market competition, HCH can stick to ingenuity, strengthen the cooperation with business partners, and provide employees with the space to reflect their personal value, and offer the best technology and services to the customers, which will ultimately benefit the consumers.

The director of CNHPIA PhD Mr. Cao Zhenlei gave a speech

Then, other representatives of customers and suppliers from domestic and oversea gave the speeches one after another. They reviewed the cooperation experience with HCH, expressed their admiration to HCH people’s hard-working and self-motivated spirit. They affirmed and praised HCH’s strong fabrication capability, integrity and friendly cooperation experience. The beautiful singing &dancing performance and Huangmei opera with local characteristics in the celebration are very impressive. 

 Live performances


The 6th stop: Reciprocal banquet

All therepresentatives attended the reciprocal banquet after the performance, General-secretary of CNHPIA Ms. Jiang Manxia gave a speech.She gave high recognition to the tremendous achievements of HCH in the past 30 years. She said :“20 years ago,the machines can produce sanitary napkin with wings were imported from abroad, but nowadays various kinds of machines made by Chinese machine suppliers not only satisfy the requirements in domestic market, but also export toabroad. As the leader of Industry Association machinery group, she hopes HCH can play a further leading role, and make greater contribution to the development of China hygiene products industry.”

General-secretary of CNHPIA Ms. Jiang Manxia gave a speech

The 7th stop: Cocktail party

After the reciprocal banquet, all therepresentatives attended the cocktail party, everybody raised cups together in the relaxed happy atmosphere, and HCH 30th anniversary celebration was completed with a great success.

Cocktail party