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HCH & Hayat New Mode Win-Win Cooperation


Hayat Holding, whose foundations were laid in 1937, is a global player today with its 41 companies operating in different industries, including Hayat, in the fast moving consumer goods sector, Kastamonu Entegre in the wood-based panel sector, and Limaş in the port management sector, with a workforce of over 17,000 people. With its headquarters in İstanbul Turkey, Hayat Holding delivers 48 Turkish brands produced with advanced technologies in 36 production facilities in 12 countries to millions of consumers worldwide.

Leading global FMCG player: HAYAT
Operating in the FMCG industry, Hayat was founded in 1987 in Turkey. Today, rapidly advancing on the path of globalization with 21 production facilities in 8 countries around the world, Hayat ranks 48th in the “Turkeys Largest Exporters” list according to 2021 data with its exports to more than 100 countries. With its production performance in Turkey, Hayat also ranks 39th in the “Top 500 Industrial Enterprises in Turkey” list.
As a leading global player in FMCG industry, Hayat is the world’s 5th largest branded diaper manufacturer. It is also the largest tissue producer in Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Africa region. With its 16 powerful brands, including Molfix, Bebem, Molped, Joly, Bingo, Test, Has, Papia, Familia, Teno, Focus, Nelex, Goodcare, Evony Gleen and Sholk in the hygiene, home care, tissue, and personal health and categories, Hayat meets with millions of consumers in more than 100 countries.

With its 21 production facilities in 8 countries, including Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Algeria, Russia, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Vietnam, and its sales and distribution companies in Morocco, Bulgaria, Kenya, Malaysia, and Thailand, Hayat provides value wherever it goes.

HCH:Leading manufacture for hygiene products
As a professional manufacturer of Disposable Hygiene Products Production Lines, Heng Chang Machinery Co., Ltd (HCH) has been deeply engaged in this industry for more than 30 years. HCH always aims to provide cost-effective production lines with a complete set of solutions from production to packaging.For various disposable hygiene product machineswith differentcustomers’ needs, HCH providesmachines of three types of products - Feminine, Baby and Adultfor different target customers.

Now the marketing demands are changing rapidly, and the requirements for product performance are getting higher and higher. However, in the meanwhile,the hygiene productmanufacturers are also facing more challenges such as the impactsfrom COVID-19outbreak, the decline of demographic dividend, and the increase in material costs. In response to these new market sore points, based on the requirements for higher machine speed and efficiency, HCH has launched many new technical applicationsfor product performance improvements and saving costs, including Ultrasonic Sealing Technology, Unmanned Material LoadingTechnology and Intelligent Management System, etc. HCHtechnological innovation is advancing with the times, and we believe that we are fully prepared to meet future challenges. 

By working closely with HCH since 2016, Hayatgets more than 16 production lines, as well asmany upgrade modules/parts& technical supports for these production lines from HCH.

Customized Solutions based on Demands

Hayat has started cooperation with HCH since 2016,over the past six years, HCH providestechnical solutions based on current and long-term demands of Hayat, from R&D demands to commercial production, Hayat customized needs can be 100% satisfied through immediate actions – tests& feedback& analysis &optimizations by HCH teams.All production lines can be delivered timely with good quality and full after-sales service. HCH Turkish Technical Team can provide 24 hours immediate technical supports.
"If we take the implementation foroneproduction line as a complete cycle, from the first contact with customer, and then getting to know each other day by day, to complete the project together with full trust, each step during the whole process is very important for both of us. One break at any point in this communication loop, for whatever reason, we may fail in this partnership, and customer maystart a new cooperation with others for a new cycle. All we need to do is to keep the virtuous cycles with our customers."  HCH-Hayat Project Leader says.

Two-way Feedback forTechnological Innovation

As an importantcooperative partnerof Hayat, HCH supports Hayat developing various types of products, and provides more adaptable production linesbased on Hayat updating demands. Getting big improvements incore forming and pants products waistband sealing technologies, to meet the product requirements from differentregional markets, HCH developed the production lines which are well compatible with various products types production. In addition to this, to ensure the machine efficiency,fast size change applications are equipped with machines. 
In 2021, with technical supports from HCH, Hayat upgradedthe speed of Baby Pants Machines to1000 PPM.

ProfessionalSupports and Fast Response

While choosing production line suppliers, besides the price, performance and lead time of the machines, customers are also concerned with the service from suppliers.  In addition to bringing new technologies, a good supplier can also create additional values for customers –how fast, how good and how to improve for all solutions.  HCH can always stand on customer’s points of view, for long-term solutions, constant optimizations, and production costs reduction.
HCH Turkish Technical Support Team can provide 24hours on-site service Currently, which has not been interrupted during the COVID-19 outbreak. This team provides all supportsincluding installation, commissioning and production for HAYAT Turkish Factories as well as the factories in Egypt, Nigeria and Algeria.

Prospects and Future

With the rapid globalization development of HAYAT, the updating demands for regional product features as well as upgrading needs for product performance optimization keep increasing. By taking fast technology transformation actions, HCH can always support Hayat to speed uptheir products R&D.Hayat accelerates its innovation and optimization in products R&D continuously by HCH updating technologies
Specialized in this industry for more than 30 years, HCH has changed its role from a traditional supplier withmachines and services, to a win-win partnership with best solutions for customers. As the trends in applications and developments we can see, the forward-looking technologies, automation and digital solutions for customersare the new approaches. HCH will strengthen win-win cooperation with Hayat as always to promote the industry development and torise to challenges in future together.