HCH treats every customer as a partner, keeps an intimate touch with them, and even invites them together to work out solution for value promotion.
HCH provides perfect and permanent service in design, fabrication, check, installation, shakedown and maintenance. And urgent problems will be settled down no matter what needs to be done.

 Through its best service system and advanced telecontrols, HCH tries to answer your call within 7×24 hours and fixes your problem.
As an autonomous company in import and export, HCH has formed a rough global marketing network. With years of efforts, HCH has already set up marketing network in Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Fujian. Especially, Shanghai and Fujian offices are opened for marketing managing, contract managing, after-sale service and message analysis. The information-based system helps HCH to build a long-term cooperation with many sanitary products makers in China.

Turkeys regional sales and service agents:Mr. Murat Komurcu

South America technical manager:Mr. Luis Silva

HCH global regional technical service support for improvement