Everlast attaches great importance to their own intellectual property rights and the protection of intellectual property rights to the customer, after each hires everlast will sign a content clear, strict rules of "confidentiality agreement", to the human resources department filing management, staff working in everlast once departure, are not allowed in the industry engaged in the related work in two years.
For customers, requiring security in equipment manufacturing, assembly and commissioning process, we will adopt strict partition type management, provide independent partition type production workshop, equipped with advanced electronic combination lock and the surveillance cameras, only has authorized the project related personnel and staff to enter the workshop, different projects shall be the responsibility of the personnel and dedicated team, during the project implementation personnel will not easily change, after the completion of the project, all of the drawings and said Ming recycling and destroyed by the engineering projects, the largest extent, to protect the customer and our intellectual property.


                                  Independent workshop                                           Electronic combination lock management                                Electronic password key to enter


                    Workshop personnel registration manageme                  The workshop it is forbidden to take photos with camera                Real-time video surveillance in the workshop