HCH has totally 106 professional technical personnel who organized R & D department and technique department, and they’re regarded as a mature and crack technique team. And among 34 R & D people, 70% of them have college degree or above and middle mastery professional title. Their specialties contained mechanic, auto-control, electronic and computer area. With the logical specialty and age structure, the team has strong theory and abundant practice experience in design and manufacture of complete lines for disposable hygiene products.

During insisting on innovation, HCH constantly cooperate with some college and universities, world famous international companies and excellent suppliers, attending to different kinds of seminar, technique communication meeting and international exposition. With these cooperation and communication, HCH not only accelerate the transform of key technique achievement but also can learn about the most advanced international technique development direction and information of market demand.

HCH has active and close cooperation with related companies, researchdepartment, industry association and intermediaries. By optimizing allocation of resources, HCH try best to form a system which can adapt to actual social innovation ability construction work and service. By positive using large scale research instrument which open to society and encouraging get technique and economic cooperation with big enterprise, HCH constantly improve innovation capability and technique lever.

Through the learning and research cooperation with Hefei Polytechnic University, Anhui University of Technology and Science and Anhui Technology University, HCH invite some mechanical and auto electrical experts as technical adviser. By doing this, HCH strengthened R & D power and development work.

HCH pay lots of attention of human resource construction and the work of innovation. Every year hiring the graduates from all kinds of colleges and universities, for the step construction of human resource. This is not bringing new fresh blood into the design group, but also building strong basic of innovation.

HCH makes regular plan for the training of R & D people, inner training and interchange activities, and organize some technique engineer to Germany and Italy for learning and investigation that can help to hold the technical development lever and definite the ideas of development. Meanwhile, HCH often invite some experts from overseas to give lessons which can improve the technical lever of engineer and make it adapted for the need of innovation, such as RockwellAB automatic training, Germany Bosch Rexroth non-bearing control technical training , Japan MITSUBISHI automatic training and Germany Rhein Technique CE Qualification training.

At recent 3 years, HCH pumped a lot of money on R & D which is 7% above of sales income every year. Among all the invents, the new packing machine brings the profit growth point for the company, even more it fills a gap in this area of China which stands for the technique lever reached a quite new lever.

Since establishment in 1988, HCH has been putting innovation in the first place. It brings advanced technology from home and abroad, makes an endless search to absorb and transcend it, and finally forms an innovation mechanism with HCH characteristic, by its sound theoretical knowledge and rich experience. For example, HCH takes a lead in developing fully servo control technology to guarantee its unique core-competitiveness. At present, HCH has possessed a perfect innovation system with basic R&D, product development, and market transformation.

By November of year 2014.7.31, HCH technology has gained 116 patents,30  utility models, and 70 design patents authorized by state intellectual property bureau; 5 HCH software have gained state software copyright certificates; another 47 patents are right in audit; 41 other utility models and 4 design patents have already passed audit.
Now, HCH is undertaking following national and provincial key problem tackling projects:
National Torch Plan(Baby Diaper Produce and Packing Machine)

Innovation Fund Project for Technology based Firms(Baby Diaper Produce and Packing Machine)

Key Project under Innovation Fund for Technology based Firms(Adult Diaper Produce and Packing


Provincial 12th five-year Key Technological Problem Tackling Plan(Baby Diaper Produce and Packing

National Key New Product(Disposable Hygiene Products Automatic Making Machine)

The following is most influential project in this industry:

Key Project under Innovation Fund for Technology based Firms(Adult Diaper Produce and Packing