HCH can provide the complete solution to customer, which covers from design, fabrication, assembly and debugging to technical training and machine maintenance. We communicate with customers closely, find out their needs, and further improve the machine’s stability, reliability and consistency, actively expand the machine’s function, satisfy the needs of all kinds of customers.
Disposable hygiene product machine has a wide variety, and customers also have different kind of requests, so we implement differentiation strategy and form series products which can satisfy the requests of different target customers. HCH not only provides high performance-to-price ratio products, but save customer’s maintenance cost and create bigger befit by use of this leading concept.

To HCH, every customer is unique; they can enjoy the custom-made service. Our project engineers attentively listen to the customers’ requirements, and then seek the most suitable solution together with the customers. Our production engineers study the best manufacturing process which guarantees to provide the best performance-to-price ratio products. Our after-sales service engineers give fast response to customers’ requests and promptly deal with problems. We have enough spare parts in stock which can satisfy the timely need of domestic and overseas customers.