HCH implements “Sales define Manufacture” strategy. We have strict process to execute design and fabrication. Marketing department dispatchs design and fabrication request sheet to each department according to purchase order and engineering department is responsible for designing and organization of assembly and debugging. Fabrication department takes charge of parts production. We also choose and build deep relationship with the outsourcing vendors who have strong fabrication ability.

HCH machine’s good quality comes from the eternal attention of quality. We connect employee, process and product to manufacture management, and make distinct progress on quality, fabrication efficiency, logistic, fabrication environment, delivery and employee participation, to ensure the good product quality on each process. We always put customer into first priority, use the data to find better solution, and focus on improve customer satisfaction, shorten the lead-time and reduce the defect. HCH actively implements the lean production, set up total quality control concept, and strictly carries out ISO9001 standard and zero defect management. Through quality control training, institution level, fabrication standardization, and strictly comment on sub-vendor, to ensure our product quality reaches domestic and international advanced level and possesses sustaining competition.

QA system
In terms of quality control, HCH sets up quality control system compliant with ISO9001:2008, and this system includesfabrication process, quality check regulations, after-sale service and quality feedback, and we produce competitive product in a short time, the main steps are as below:
A. Choose good quality equipment and raw material to check
B. Every part will be carefully checked before delivery, and we never ship out part without excellent performance

C. QA department is responsible for every process quality inspection, and they put one-vote negation system into practice.
Besides, HCH invests large amount of money to purchase equipments and sets up the precision control center to improve fabrication precision of components. The workshop equipped with three-coordinatograph and a series of check-out facility; physics & chemistry laboratory and precision instrument measurement laboratories were set up, we use scientific means to analyze the inspection data, thus can prevent the unqualified products and ensure quality control from raw material to finish product.



In addition to the strict inspection of mechanical parts and outsourcing parts, everlast company used by the purchased parts were picked from the international famous brand, also provide a good guarantee for the overall quality of the equipment.

Full Servo Systems:


Hot Glue Systems:


Guide Controllers



Forming Drum


Pneumatic components:

SAP Systems:

Cameras and serson:


Safety relay device:

Synchronous belt and synchronous belt:

Ultrasonic device:

Dust removal filter::


Electric components:

Cooling system:

Everlast company Sandvik with French famous tool manufacturers have a global cooperation agreement, provided by Sandvik company tool, everlast companies according to Sandvik drawings provided by the company head and bottom rolls, on the quality of the cutting tool at the same time, greatly reduce the cost and bring more value for our customers.